Replica of historicism table

Replica of historicism table

This is an article about my final work for practical exam, as a part of maturita exam (at High school of furniture and trading). I was working on it with my schoolmate  Jan Hruška. We have got a task to make a replica of  the historicism table from Bruntál castle. That table is part of furniture set with armchairs.

History of original

Habsburg’s archduke Eugen of Austria (1863-1954) had one of his residences in Bruntál. He adjusted Bruntál castle at the turn of 19th and 20th century by equiping the representative rooms of the first floor. These rooms were enriched with the high-quality furniture sets, artefacts, hunting armory and especially with the library and the collection of paintings.

Making of replica

Our replica is made of maple wood and finished with synthetic pigment lacquer. Table top is made of the fibreboard covered with felt. Most parts of this table were made on woodworking machines, but carvings are handmade.

Prezentační plakát
Presenting poster

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