Restoring: Golden mirror

Restoring: Golden mirror

My actual restoration project is mirror with gilt frame from castle Miroslavské Knínice in South Moravia. It’s the only piece of original mobiliar which survived. When I seen it for the first time, I noticed layer of secondary gold paint and some damages and missing parts. Most significant is missing part of angel’s head.
According to my research, frame itself is made of softwood and covered with chalk–animal glue compound. Also decorations are made of this compound, braced with iron wire. This chalk compound is most-likely petrified by linen oil. Gilding technique is metal leaf on poliment.


On the sticker, which is located on the back side, is this writing:
Moritz Rosenfeld, Bürgstein Façon No. 104 Z Spiegelmass: Höhe } Wiener Zoll 58/28 Centimeter Breite } Wiener Zoll Centimeter

According to these informations, the mirror with frame was propably made by Moritz Rosenfeld from Sloup v Čechách (North Bohemia). Number of product is 104 Z and the size of mirror glass is 58 x 28 inches. These numbers are also punched on the back of frame (58, 28, 1602, 104 Z).

After researching on the internet (I don’t have easy access to relevant archive) I found Moritz in matrika of jewish community in Česká lípa. There is a record with birth and death of his daugter Olga in year 1874. Information about the parents is saying:

Moritz Rosenfeld, Burgstein geb. in Kosmaly in Ungarn
Fanny tochter des Joachim Taussig aus Riskaw u(nd) der Elisabeth geb. Hoffmann, Litschkau. Národní archiv - Židovské matriky-výřez

That means Moritz originates in Kozmálovice in today’s Slovakia, his wife Fanny was daugter of Joachim Taussig from Riskau (propably Germany) and Elisabeth Hoffmann from Líčkov.

Record of his daugter’s death mentions Moritz as trader (kaufmann) from house number 159. Národní archiv - Židovské matriky-312-128976-380-výřez

Another historic record about Rosenfeld is paragraph in daily Prager Tagblatt from 17th Februar 1886 noticing about his bankruptcy. Here, he is stated as non-protocolled trader.


According to aforementioned records and usage of Viennese inch, which was replaced by metric system between 1871 and 1876, I think that this mirror could be dated to 1870’s.

Another exemplar


During my visit in Hofmobiliendepot (Imperial Furniture Collection) in Vienna, I spotted very similarly made mirror. After short coresponding with museum, they confirmed it has the same sticker and writings on back (58/28). This mirror was originaly located in Hofburg and it’s inventory number is MD 57.555, originally Bg. 30.937. In old inventory list it’s mentioned as „Mirror in gilt frame with the top and laurel wreath“, in original Spiegel in vergold Rahmen mit aufsatz und Lorbeerkranz.


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